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Trenchless cable exchange

Wash-over head Type 1

Energy suppliers are increasingly obliged to replace unused or damaged ground cables with new ones. The wash-over-technique by TRACTO-TECHNIK is a simple and economic method for the trenchless exchange of cables using a GRUNDODRILL HDD system.To do so, the drill rod is connected to the patented wash-over head and guided parallel over the old cable.

The old cable acts as a compelled guidance for the wash-over-head which cuts and flushes the adhesive soil surrounding the old cable and existing roots creating a small annular space. At the target the old cable can easily be extracted with a pulling device. Due to the compelled guidance a detection system is not necessary. Yet additional monitoring of the bore path is recommended to be able to correct deviations from the given bore path immediately. When pulling back the drill rods, the new cable attached is pulled in simultanepously.

With connection for sonde housing TD61.
For cables, PE pipes, stuck drill rods, etc.


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