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Detection technique

DigiTrak Falcon F2®

The classic DigiTrak F2 locating system has earned a reputation as a workhorse that provides customers with dependable locating capabilities. With the introduction of Falcon frequency optimization technology, the DigiTrak Falcon F2 is a more powerful locating system that addresses active interference using a single wideband transmitter.

  • Falcon frequency optimizer analyzes and overcomes active interference at different jobsites
  • One Falcon F2 wideband transmitter supports multiple frequencies from 4.5 kHz to 45 kHz
  • Infrared pairing of receiver and transmitter
  • 0.1% precision pitch for completing critical grade bores
  • Max mode noise filtering boosts data range and stabilizes depth readings
  • Increased power in a 15 in. transmitter for industry-best 24 m depth and 33 m data range
  • Supports Roll Offset and Target Steering features
  • Compatible with DigiTrak Aurora™ touchscreen display


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